Access via the API

Numerous entries from this website can be directly queried via the HTTP-interface. Direct search of synonyms, similar words and substring matches is supported. Querrying through Wikipedia/Wiktionary is currently not supported.

Warning: output format might change. However, it will only be extended, existing parts will not be changed without notice.


The following HTTP-query over GET finds all synsets including the word query.


Query result is an XML file in the form:

    <apiVersion content='0.1.3'/>
    <warning content='WARNING -- this API is in beta -- the format may change without warning!'/>
    <copyright content='Copyright (c) 2004-2024 Zdenko Podobný, zdposter (at) gmail (dot) com;(c) 2004 Tibor Bako, yorik (at) szm (dot) sk'/>
    <license content='GNU General Public License (GPL)'/>
    <source content=''/>
    <date content='Sat, 13 Jul 2024 22:25:05 +0000'/>
  <synset id='1234'>
      <category name='Category name'/>
    <term term='Meaning 1, word 1'/>
    <term term='Meaning 1, word 2'/>
  <synset id='2345'>
    <term term='Meaning 2, word 1'/>


Known Issues


Besides direct querying full database downloads are also still available.

Page updated: 2024-02-06