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(Sobre; O programu; Om; Info; Info; Acerca de; Tietoja; À propos de; Πληροφορίες; אודות; Névjegy; Informazioni su; バージョン情報; 저장; Om; Informacje; Èo je; Acerca de; Om; Hakkýnda) More…
All fields
[Transcription] (Abbreviation) (Translation) Example with all fields. =usage 1; usage 2 =127000 =8-800-000-00-00 Synonym: All fields Antonym: All fields See also: All fields =Imagination
ASCII or ASP and "CGI" so (CMS) in [CSS] of DNS; from XML to HTML next HTTP and ICRA. On the other side — W3C and ヒトリ.
(swart; e zezë; черен; negre; 黑色; crno; černá; sort; zwart; musta; noir; schwarz; μαύρο; שחור; fekete; svartur; hitam; dubh; nero; 黒; 검정섁; niger; hitam; iswed; sort; czarny; preto; negru; More…
(saç lülesi) ◊ (hafifçe kımıldamak)
(makara) ◊ (ufak iğ)
(beden) ◊ (ceset) ◊ (karoser)
One of the main components in any satellite receiving system, the feedhorn collects the satellite signals that are reflected to the focal point of the dish and feeds them to the More…
a state of partial or total darkness =he struck a match to dispell the gloom Synonym: somberness, sombreness ◊ a feeling of melancholy apprehension gloominess, somberness More…
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